ABF Marketing Excellence Hub

ABF Marketing Excellence Hub

Storytelling Direct is an e-Learning site we created for Heineken. It was to be a resource for internal staff and is a single page site presented as a narrative with a multitude of content and downloadable assets designed to teach users the way in which Heineken would like to be represented externally.

ABF Marketing Excellence Hub

The Challenge

ABF wanted a way to not only share their thoughts and internal process with the new graduates across their various brands, but also monitor their progress and give the graduates a space in which to record their own notes.

The Hub turned out to be such a successful tool for sharing assets with the graduates, we were then asked to adapt it for general staff usage as well allowing the same content to be shared in a different context.

The Analysis

The requirements involved creating an easily content manageable system where assets could be uploaded and maintained whilst the website copy could be updated at any time.  The grow log element meant that we needed to create an area of the site where graduates to record their thoughts and progress at any time in the various sections of the site.  This needed to include features such as Print and E-mail so that these notes could easily be shared with their line manager.

The requirement for the Staff access came in later.  We needed a way to effectively present two sites with two differing tones of voice depending on who had logged in.


We selected the Umbraco Platform as the most appropriate CMS for the job.  Having written our own functionality for the Grow Log features whilst ensuring a suitable media library was in place for the asset management, we then went ahead and added secondary input options for Staff Content.  This meant that upon login, whilst still using the single site, we would only present the relevant copy/information based on whether the user was a Graduate or a member of Staff - something we were detecting silently in the background.

Key Features

Dual Content

The site is capable of adjusting what it presents based on the type of user role the user logs in with meaning that the same site can be fully adjusted for different types of staff.

The Grow Log

Providing easy options for saving, printing and sharing, the grow log enables better communication between graduates and their line managers.

Fully Responsive

Whether the site is being accessed on a large monitor or a mobile phone, it will always be presented in the best possible way with all functionality enabled.


The entire project was turned around promptly, on time and to budget.  Our strong relationship with our partners on this site (Realise Consulting) helped mean all deliverables we successfully achieved to a high standard.