Aviva Health 100

Aviva Health 100

Aviva UK Health 100 wanted to build upon their social brand engagement by continuing to use social channels to engage with customers to interact about a topic that is important to them – their own health and wellbeing.

Aviva Health 100

The Challenge

Aviva UK Health wanted to raise awareness of health matters whilst promoting their brand via a viral social media campaign. With the volume of social media activity it was important to create something visually appealing , easy to use yet deliver a meaningful health message.

The Analysis

Together with Aviva and a design agency we developed the idea of a fun-to-use healthy lifestyle quiz that would engage customers enough to share amongst their friends and family. Due to the particularly high profile of Facebook within the social media landscape at the time we decided to leverage the platform's viral sharing capabilities and produce a Facebook application.

To increase the impact of the initial message Aviva utilised Expert 24’s clinical and epidemiological modelling tools that provided independent, up to date and robust clinical content – as reviewed by the Expert-24 Medical Review Board.


Development took the shape of a bespoke ASP.Net backend powering a highly interactive, JavaScript driven front end.

After development of user journey and wireframes and reviewing the ever changing Facebook development platform, Cergis build a robust, highly scalable web application.

Cergis integrated with Expert 24 to provide real-time clinical analysis of customer’s quiz result in the form of a ‘Health Score’ and presented them in a fun and shareable way.

Key Features

Facebook Application

Using Facebook to virally spread the fun app worked a treat exposing Aviva to many thousands of new potential customers.

The Quiz

A short quiz of around 15 questions, each with a highly creative and engaging answer mechanic had an almost 100% completion rate.

System Integration

The robust integration with 3rd party tools hosted by Expert 24 ensured a reliable and engaging user experience.