Test 2 (1) (1)

Test 2 (1) (1)

Storytelling Direct is an e-Learning site we created for Heineken. It was to be a resource for internal staff and is a single page site presented as a narrative with a multitude of content and downloadable assets designed to teach users the way in which Heineken would like to be represented externally.

Test 2 (1) (1)

The Challenge

The site had to be able to instruct internal staff on everything from the tone of voice through to the styles and branding instructions that should be utilised. Therefore, the site had to be intuitive and easily understandable so that internal staff could get themselves up to speed quickly – whilst not compromising on the visual brand.

The Analysis

The website is designed in a linear single page way to assist users in their discovery of how to 'tell a story' when speaking within the tone and branding guidelines of Heineken.
The various sections of the site expand multiple times allowing for a greater breakdown of content, making resources are easily locatable.

The introductory video at the top outlines the purpose and core ideas of the guide. Underneath this are five sections arranged in an expanding control, each representing a core principle of brand storytelling. To the right of each of these sections is a 'play' icon that overlays and plays a corresponding video.


We worked alongside the design team on how to adapt the initial designs and direct future designs to produce the most effective user journey possible. Due to time constraints, the central hosting department of Heineken were unable to assist with helping set up the site on their server.

However, we were able to quickly offer a secure hosting environment as an interim solution. This meant liaising with the third-party login company who manage Heineken user accounts. We ensured that any users of our site had access only via a secure portal.

Key Features

Embedded Video

The learning videos are shown in popovers overlaying the site are imported from Vimeo which is capable of serving up the videos far faster than the centralised web centre at Heineken.

Responsive Design

The site is fully responsive, tested across multiple mobile and tablet devices as well as all the standard browsers. Built with a graceful degradation methodology, it is designed to work both in the latest browsers and fall back to work with old versions of Internet Explorer.

Intelligent Document Downloads

It handles requests for document downloads in different ways depending on whether or not the device in question was capable of showing them.

Content Managed System

The site is fully content manageable via an Administrative site which means the content can be updated any time without any requirement of technical skills. This includes the ability to upload and maintain video links as well as the written copy and structure of the site.